Welcome to project refugees!

Welcome to our blog.

We are two Swiss students, aged 18. We are currently working on our final project before graduating upper secondary school.
It has always been a dream of ours to help people and make a difference in their lives. The flood of refugees is getting more current with every new day coming and so we decided that now is the time for us to stand up and try to tell people what is actually going on.
We are planning a trip to Athens, Greece, a social flashpoint in the refugee’s movement.
Everyday refugees from mostly Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq try to make their way from Turkey to Greece in inflatable boats, carrying whatever they have left, carrying their children. They flee from war, suppression and fear, searching shelter in Europe.
The refugees are all over the news but we want to know how things really are and so we booked our flights to Athens which are leaving nearly 2 weeks from now. We intend to take photographs and talk with refugees and volunteers in Athens but also with people in Switzerland.
The goal of our project is a book with biographies, pictures, statements and the historical background of the flood of refugees.
We want to give the people of this movement an audience. We want people to listen to their stories. We want to give those refugees a voice in our society.

Much love,





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