Our plans for Athens

Tomorrow our journey already starts. It feels like it’s only been a few days since we’ve decided to start this project.
Before telling you about our plans in Athens we would already like to thank all of our supporters. This project started out as a “simple” school project and is now approaching something bigger. We had never thought we would reach so many different people with our work. It is amazing how many have texted us, supported us, encouraged us to keep going.
Now we’re on our way of actually writing a book about something we’re both so passionate about.
Thank you to all our supporters, especially our parents. You are one reason why we started to believe that this project, that seemed impossible at the beginning, could actually work. Thank you for helping us to slowly make it possible!

Now, back to our plans for Athens:


Tomorrow we’re flying to Athens and are arriving in the evening when we’re meeting our hosts to get the keys to our apartment.

On Saturday is our first work day. In the morning it will be about research, blogging and gathering ideas. In the afternoon we already have our first meeting. We are going to have an interview with Lena. She’s been volunteering on Lesbos, so it’s going to be our chance to directly talk to a volunteer, which we had planned to make part of our book.

Sunday is going to be our most important day in Athens, so far. In the morning we are meeting Konstantinos who gives us the opportunity to spend the day in a refugee camp. We really hope that we get to help the refugees and talk to them in person, establishing some direct contact. We know, though, that we cannot expect them to immediately trust us. We will respect their privacy and their personal needs have first priority to us.

The day after, on Monday, we have the honour to have an interview and a cup of coffee with a Swiss ambassador in the Swiss embassy of Athens. We are looking forward to the conversation with her. We are sure she has some interesting thoughts on the current affairs and the situation of Greece itself. We’re planning to focus on the current situation of Greece and how the country deals with the refugee crisis despite its financial problems.

On Tuesday, we don’t have any plans, so far. We are still working on getting some more people to get in touch with. We hope that we will meet some interesting people there and that we can arrange some meetings spontaneously. We are planning to visit the harbour of Piräus as well, trying to get a glimpse on the ferries arriving or taking refugees back to Turkey.

Under the condition that the Wi-Fi works properly we will upload a blog every day or every second one. During the time we aren’t having any meetings we are going to work on the historical and political background of the refugee crisis, our blog and further ideas. And besides our working hours we are surely going to visit the city together with our contact person. We are excited to finally meet Christine personally. She is going to show us the city and actually told us to take our swimsuit with us.


We are curious about the surprises and experiences awaiting us.

Much love,



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