A piece of Lightheartedness

Nervous and excited we entered the refugee camp Elliniko. It is on an old airport terrain, tents are standing in rows and children are running around. At first, we didn’t really know what to do or how to act, so we just sat down and watched the children play with some people of an organization. It didn’t  take long until the first two girls came around and sat down next to us. They dind’t say anything but they smiled. More and more kids came to say hello, sit next to us or just to take a look at us, curious and cheeky, others were doing a relay race with some volunteers from the “boat refugee foundation” (from the Netherlands). This organization actually encouraged us to sith down with the kids and interact with them.
We got some paper and pencils to draw with them. Even without knowing the language we communicated, a gesture here, a smile there. It didn’t take long until we got hugs from all around.

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It is really hard to put this experience in words because it was so unique. During our stay there we completely forgot the time, it was like another small world. It wasn’t a sad one, though, it was a world in which the children were still children, smiling.

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The experience wasn’t a sad one, it was a beautiful and a very happy one. It was a piece of lightheartedness in something that weighs so heavy on many people around this world.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
They gave us something very precious: their time, joy and love.

So, much love to you,



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