How a big Heart can make a Difference

It all started in 2011 on a food market. Konstantinos recognized people digging for food in the trash. It made him sad seeing people doing that and so he wanted to distribute food to them. They didn’t accept it, though, because they felt uncomfortable doing so. Trying to find a solution he came up with the idea of a “social kitchen”: cooking together and eating together. Everyone can take part in it and contribute to it.

social kitchen

On Sunday, we were invited to visit one of those “social kitchens”. It is in a big room, filled with clothes, a kitchen, a lot of books and there even were two goldfishes. People were coming, eating, talking to each other and spending time together. Everyone, no matter what ethnical or social background, is welcome.

social kitchen2
People from the “social kitchen” cooking outside.

After we visited the “social kitchen” Konstantinos invited us and the people supporting him to have some food and raki (traditional Greek drink) in a restaurant. It was great for us to meet him!

Us, Christine, Konstantinos and Alejandro in the restaurant

Konstantinos, who we met through our contact person, Christine, is a person you don’t meet everyday. He is cheeky (in a positive way) but still seems to know a lot about life; he’s carrying and has a big heart that is open for everyone. He is unique and so is the difference he’s making.

He started as one single person. Today there are 11 “social kitchens”. Six of the in Athens, one in Thessaloniki, one in Lesbos and the others spread across the whole country. The people there might not have an easy life at all but still they like to talk and laugh.

“We lose our homes but we don’t lose our happiness.” 
– someone we met that day in the “social kitchen”.

Much love,



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