Bye bye Athens!

Sitting on a hill, enjoying the sunset, we were thinking about Athens. Our time there was a tough one filled with incredible and impressive experiences. We left the city with mixed feelings. On one hand we were glad to go back home, back to our normal life. But on the other hand we didn’t want to leave already either.

Looking down onto the city we realized that there was so much we didn’t see and so much we still didn’t know about this place. We agreed that this wasn’t going to be our last sunset in Athens. We aren’t finished here yet.


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What we probably liked most in Athens was the spirit. Its people were always friendly and nice. Athens is a vibrant city full of life.

But it’s also a city full of differences. There were people living on the street begging for money and others living in great wealth.
Athens appeared to be a city in change and the youth was very present: The trains were sprayed with graffiti, in the part we lived old factories were used as bars, market halls or art shops.


We have never seen the past and the future being so close to each other. The rich cultural heritage from Ancient Greece was still very present, but the attitude of the people and their way of life seemed to be quite modern.



We are thankful that we got to know the city and its traditions quite well besides our time-consuming project. We loved strolling through the famous Plaka with its small souvenir and shoe shops, we got to sniff a bit of “Ancient air” on the Acropolis and went crazy on the handmade jewellery of the craft market in Thissio. We learnt how to enjoy raki, ate delicious tzatziki, souvlaki and Greek salad and learnt a few words in Greek.



We feel like we’ve learnt a lot in Athens. The city and its people has given us a different sense of worthiness and appreciation and we hope we could also leave something of us there, especially to the ones only being on a “temporary stay”.
We are now back in Switzerland and already kind of miss the city.
So, bye bye Athens!


Much love,





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