Think big – our Project to be continued

The past few weeks we collected some precious experiences. It certainly will take some time to digest all these impressions and the lessons we’ve learnt. We are smothered with insights and images. It is not easy to focus on a specific question or a single issue. There would be so much to write and report about, so much worthwhile to research about, so much to take a stand for.

Within the frame of our matriculation project we decided to focus on “unaccompanied minors” (UMA) in Switzerland. Those are refugees under the age of 18 who came to Switzerland without any legal guardian or companion.
How can we best integrate foreign kids and youths in Switzerland? How can we help them to come to terms with their past and traumas? In what extent do they have to be treated differently than adults or whole refugee families?

This blog should keep you up to date about our project, our progress and our newly won knowledge. We are going to focus on the current situation in Switzerland with a focus on the UMA as well as the current international ongoing of the migration of refugees. Additionally we are going to inform you about the origin countries of the major refugee groups. Provisional these are going to be Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. But since we need to adjust to the continuously changes and circumstances this could also change with the time going.

We already do have some contacts and plans for our next approach. In the Swiss embassy in Athens we got the hint to directly contact the Swiss embassy in Ankara, to get specific information about the implementation of the EU-Turkey-Agreement. We want to know how the refugees are taken care of, to what extent they’re able to continue their journey, and what the prospects for their futures look like. Until today there is hardly any information about the handling of the EU-Turkey-Agreement. Maybe because the treaty is still very young and needs time for further elaboration. We also plan to visit some asylum hostels as well as the accommodation of the UMA in Aarau. Hopefully we can talk to some of the refugees there in person.

Maybe we are not able to accomplish all our goals and plans within our matriculation project. Still we are looking forward to work on that project and maybe we already have larger plans for after that school project.
At this point we would like to say a huge “Thank you” to all our supporters: You are the reason we could start that project and to broaden our minds. We have the possibility to plan far more than “just” a matriculation project. We are very thankful that you believed in us and supported us in our intentions. We hope not to disappoint you but we promise to put all our drive and enthusiasm, our energy and our whole heart into that project. We did not quite believe it would be possible to start this adventure but you all submitted it!


After having returend from Athens it is hard for us to “think small”. We have learnt that you can only make a difference if you “think big”. We might need to think small for our matriculation project for a short period of time now.
But to think beyond your own views, beyond your own possibilities and to dream, only this allows you to outgrow yourself. We are looking forward to further enriching moments and we hope to make a difference with what we do.

Much Love,



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