National Referendum – Amendment to the Asylum Law

On the 5th of July, Switzerland is going to vote about the amendment to the asylum law. Nowadays the asylum procedure in Switzerland usually takes a very long time which is costly and expensive. With the new legal ordinance the asylum procedure is supposed to be considerably accelerated. The Federal Assembly and the Parliament recommend the acception of the amendment to the asylum law.


The advantage of the new asylum procedure is that the process is accelerated, fairer and less expensive. New is that all of the involved parties and organisations would be consolidated which leads to a more efficient procedure, a decrease in the costs and less accommodations in cantons and municipality needed.
The asylum seekers would be counseled by a legal representative so that they can better understand their rights and obligations and also better accept a “no” as an answer to their application for asylum. That again would lead to less complaints. Generally, the new asylum procedure would be acceleretade by one third and also lead to one third less complaints. In testcenters in Zurich those new procedures have been tested and assessed positive. It is assumed that a lot more asylum seekers will return to their homeland voluntarily.

The opponents of the amendment mostly criticize the free legal protection (lawyer) and the simplified approval procedure for the opening of new asylum centers. According to the opposition, the free legal protection is going to lead to an increased number of proceedings. It is feared that Switzerland would become more attractive as a country of destination and “even more” refugees would seek for asylum in Switzerland. Furthermore, the opponents fear that citizens are disseised of their estate since the federation is allowed to disseise land and buildings from municipalities and private persons for the building of new asylum centers.

Generally, we support the amendment to the asylum law since the whole procedure would be accelerated. This enables us to faster help to the refugees and migrants and eases their integration in our society. Of course the amendment of the law still requires careful reconsideration to eliminate any problems. For that reason we hope that the amendment to the asylum law is going to be accepted and further discussed so that the work regarding the asylum seekers and migrants is going to be more efficient.

Much love,



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