Update on our Project

After posting so much about theoretical background, it is now time to give you all an update on our project. We are currently trying to find a focus and are planning our future meetings. We will have the possibility to meet some UMA in a school and meeting point. We are also going to have an interview with somebody from ShelterSchweiz, an organization working together with all kinds of adolescents. They try to distribute adolescents in difficult circumstances to foster families that will take care of them. They have started to also focus on unaccompanied minors recently and therefore caught our interest. We are looking forward to talk to someone of them to get to know their work a little bit better.
We are, prospectively, going to meet with the UMA in Aarau next Monday where we will introduce ourselves and network with them. In a further meeting we are hoping to be able to talk to some of them and to get to know their stories, their hopes and perspectives here in Switzerland.

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After a period of strict work of theoretical basics we are finally going to work with people again. We both are very excited for the coming weeks and are looking forward to get to know some UMA, some people working with them and getting some impressions and insights into their lives. So, stay tuned!
Much love,



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