Consequences of Brexit

Great Britain left the European Union. Hence new treaties have to be contracted. How is that decision going to affect the situation of the refugees? Great Britain already  withdraw before Brexit some agreements with the EU regarding the refugees. Great Britain is not a part of the Schengen-agreement which enables the citizens in the Schengen area to pass the borders without a passport control.  That facilitates among other things also the entry of asylum seekers.
Because of the Dublin regulation Great Britain is able to deport asylum seekers back to the first EU countr they entred and is therefore not that much confronted with the refugee issue. Great Britain did also not take part in the redistribution of asylum seekers from Greece or Italy.

Brexit itself will not have many consequences for the British refugee politics. The danger is more in the signal it sets for other EU countries. The authorities are afraid that other EU countries are going to take up more anti-European opinions. If the Eurosceptic parties in other countries win increase and it comes to more elections, the refugees and the asylum seeker will be among the losers.

On the other side it was hardly a convenience that the British party UKIP (UK Independence Party) chose a placard with a flow of refugees for the “Leave” Campagnie.

poster brexit.png

The controversial Vote Leave campaign poster featuring asylum seekers traveling through the Balkans last October.

The effects of Brexit will mostly be felt by the EU migrant living in the UK or the UK migrants living in the EU. The UK politics regarding asylum seekers won’t be affected much.

The agreement between Great Britain and France obliges France do border controls and to prevent refugees in Calais from the passing to Great Britain. Because of that agreement thousands of refugees have been restrained to reach the English border. In contrast Great Britain is sharing the accruing costs. The withdrawl from the EU is now going to have direct consequences for the bilateral refugee politics as the French Buisness Secretary Emmanuel Macron said.

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