Today’s terror calls itself “IS”

Paris, Brussel, Nice. What happened in Munich triggered a wave of shock. Violence and terror are present everywhere, we don’t have to go to Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. The police assume that the shootout in Munich was a rampage of a lone perpetrator without a connection to the IS.

Most of the refugees are from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are being pursued and killed because of their race, religion, nationality, affiliation to a social group or because of their political beliefs. Samin, the boy we have talked to, told us about that as well. He is Hazara and like millions of other people he is being suppressed and pursued by the Taliban and Pashtun. The Hazara belong to a minority and they suffer discrimination and persecution. They are among the poorest people in Afghanistan.

Two days ago there was an explosion in the afghanian capital Kabul during a peacful demonstration by the Hazaras. The minority demonstrated against their discrimination and the rerouting of a power supply line. The Hazara were afraid that through the diversion route of the new electrical power line they could not benefit from it. They accused the government to reestablish their socail a economical disadvantage.

Doppelanschlag in Kabul

Under the lead of the Talib a horror egime started for Afghanistan’s people. The Hazara belong to the biggest group of victims of persecution. By extremists such as the terror organization IS they are considered to be “unbelievers”.

The IS is a terrorist organization which proceed from the Iraqi subsidiary of the terror network al-Qaida. In the past years the organization has conquered vast territories in Syria and Iraq. The strength of the IS is the weakness of the opponents: they are estranged and are combating each other. The IS utilizes the civil wars in Iraq and Syria to create a power base. Syria and Iraq do currently not have a powerful national army.

2003 Zarqawi became an ally from Qaida-Chef Osama Bin Laden and his man in Iraq. Since October Zarqawis men called themselves „al-Qaida in Iraq“.

2005 the militia became a magnet for jehadists from around the world. They travelled to Iraq to join Zarqawi. But also in Iraq itselfs were enough recruits: After the invasion of the USA army, intelligence agencies and ministries have been disintegrated. A lot of people were without a wage and join the jehadists.

In June 2006 Zarqawi was killed by a US airstrike. Omar al-Baghdadi becomes the new leader of the al-Qaida offshoot. Now they called themselves ISI (Islamic State in Iraq) and they terrorize the country by a wave of assaults.

2010 ISI-leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi has lost his life by an US airstrike. The new head is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

March 2011 a civil war erupts in Syria. The ISI leadership sends combatants to Syria where they built a new Qaida offshoot: the al-Nusra Front.

2013 al-Baghdadi declared the merger of both groups to “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS). That led to a strategic and ideological disruption with al-Qaida and hence to a secession. ISIS fighters conquered the provincial city Rakka and declared it to their capital.

2014 the ISIS conquered within a few days several Iraqi towns including Mossul the second largest city in Iraq. With the conquest of Mossul the organization insured themselves many military equipment and multiple 100 million US dollars. On the 29th of June 2014 the ISIS announced that they have determined their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to their calif and that they see themselves as the power of the state. Since then the Organization calls itself just IS (“Islamic State”).


The IS rules with cruelty. Adversary and captives are being executed; violations against the Koran are being punished, for strategic, humiliating and propagandized reasons hostages are being decapitate in front of a live camera.

Several assassins in eastern countries have appealed to the IS. Even though they have never been in the Iraq or in Syria and they did not have any contact to the IS.

Somehow we are all a part in the fight against the IS. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims from the last  assault in Nice, Munich and Kabul.

Much love,




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