4 Months of Humanity, Creativity and Commitment

This evening’s blog post is going to be the last one we are officially writing for our matriculation project. We have been writing this blog for already four months now. During those four months we were made the possibility to meet many different people. We were in Athens, have played and laughed with refugee children, have waved and smiled at adults, have been shown a little piece of their culture and learnt how much worth a smile, hospitality and humanity are.


Here in Switzerland we had the possibility to talk and discuss about the topic with committed people. For this we would like to thank Silvia Balmer, Hansueli Ruch and Werner Senn from “Verein Netzwerk Asyl”, and Martin Wälchli and Daniel Bühlmann from Shelter Schweiz. They have shown us what a “normal citizen” can change and how valuable commitment, a little bit of courage and creativity are. A special thank you we would like to give to Samim who let us be part of his story. But not only the people we talked to about our matriculation project have earned a thank you from us. Also our families, friends and acquaintances have motivated, supported and given some great ideas and inspiration to us.

Within the bounds of our matriculation project our leading question was:

The way of a UMA from his original country into Switzerland: How and because of what reasons do the UMA get to Switzerland, how are they integrated and what do their prospects look like in Switzerland?

We hope we could answer this question sufficiently with our blog posts and give you, dear readers, some interesting and informative insights in chosen topics from the “category refugee crisis”. We are going to continue this blog also after finishing this project. Only our topics are going to be chosen more openely and widely. We also hope that, in the future, we will be able to actively support refugees here or in a foreign country ourselves.
We have been pleased by every reader on this blog and every kind and motivating email we received.


Much love,




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