The boys living in the old guest house

A report in our daily journal about UMA living in an old guest house got our attention last week and so we decided to spontaneously go an meet those boys. One month ago about 45 male Unaccompanied Minor Asylum seekers moved into the old guest house in a village.

Poster saying: “Welcome to the “Sternen” “

For the “day of open doors” all of the boys have tidied up their rooms and have cooked a gastronomic specialty of their native country. A jung Afghan boy takes us upstairs and shows us the rooms of the boys on the second floor of the old guest house. Some live alone, some share their room with another mate. The rooms are modestly furnished: Cabin beds and improvised closets. Really comfortable still; on the walls and closets photographs of distant families and friends.

After the short tour we are invited to try some of their cooked meals. There is rice with carots and raisins, a typical meal from Afghanistan, and round flat bread with spicy meat and millet from Eritrea. The food is delicious and the chefs are happy that we like (actually love) it.


Later we get to know the improvised gym in the home of those UMA. There are dumb-bells and a place to play table-top football. There is even hanging a boxing sack. One of the boys once practised thaiboxing and so we get, after four clearly lost games of table-top football, our own personal introduction class in boxing.

At the time of our departure we are sure to revisit those boys again and two of the “gentlemen” even accompany us on our way to the train station.

We don’t know any of the stories of those young men, they have most likely been through many traumatizing things. Still, what we remember most of our visit is their love of life, their enthusiasm and their kindness; they all welcomed us warmly and with a big smile in their faces.

We are very looking forward to meeting them again on Thursday and maybe get a return match in table-top football which we are hopfully but very unlikely going to win.


Much love and see you all soon,



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