“There is always a Way” – Starting with Human Communication

“There is always a way. You search a way for your goal by thinking and talking to other people. A journey always starts with a small step. Successful people were not just lucky people, they were cerebrating.”
– Ezmari Nabizada

An astonishing statement since it has been made by somebody who left his family and home as a 12 year old. Somebody who suffered indescribable sorrow. Somebody who is standing in front of us, two wealthy Swiss girls, laughing, telling us, that basically things are not as difficult as they seem.
There might be too many problems to be fairly solved; we might be overwhelmed; the situation might be hopeless; and we might feel like we need to give up.
But the solution of the problem is to be found in the heart of human communication, in a truth so essential it tends to be forgotten in the hopelessness of a situation.
Solving the problem might not be easy but the crucial part, the beginning, of it certainly is. Something we can and should all be doing:
We should talk with each other more. We should restart to listen to each other. And most importanty: We should never stop learning from each other.

Much love,



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