Work in Progress

Dear readers

It has been quite a while since we have last posted something on this blog. We have now, some months ago, finished up our final work for school which this blog initially was about. Since then a lot of things have happened. In November we have been awarded the third place at 2016’s “Young Caritas Award”. Every year projects of young people are awarded and supported by the organization “Young Caritas”. This award meant so much to us, was a great great honour, and gave us a lot of motivation to continue our work even though our school project was finished.


After we had won this award we had a lot of thinking to do. Being able to work with people in need and making an effort to change something in this world is a gift. But there are always going to be people trying to put you down; people trying to tell you what you’re doing doesn’t matter; telling you that you’re not good enough. And everytime it’s going to hurt, it’s going to put you down, it’s going to make you question yourself. This happened to us, too. Doing what we do sounds so nice. Well’ it isn’t, sometimes. It’s hard to do things others don’t aprove of. It’s difficult to speak truths others don’t want to listen to anymore because they’re fed up with inconvenient truths. It’s not always easy because you are going to get lost in between all the sorrow and all the misery, sometimes. And yes, it would be easier if you didn’t care, if you were only interested in your own matters. It certainly would. Things are going to put you down from time to time. Because in the end, what do those little things even matter? Are they even helping anyone? You are going to get confused because you feel desperate or helpless. This happened to us.

But in those moments there are also always going to be people reminding you of the reasons you’re doing what you do; they’ll remind you that it matters, in the moments you forget that it does. They’ll remind you that it’s good enough, they’ll tell you to keep your head up. And in the end it’s the people encouraging, inspiring and motivating you that make you a better person. It’s you going to sleep at night remembering your day. It’s your consciousness you need to keep clear. It’s your heart you need to keep strong. And it’s your actions that are going to make a difference, not the actions not happening because people are full of prejudice or the fear to stand up for justice, the truth or solidarity.

So this “pep speech” was something we had to give ourselves. Because there are times when ideas and commitment seem too little to change anything and hope slowly starts to fade away. For this reason we had to take some time off; to think about our own future and about the way we want to be a part of this society. We have been thinking a lot about how we could sustainably make a difference and help people and ended up starting to plan some projects we could realize locally, in our neighbourhood and according to our possibilities, age and money. We are thinking about doing a lot of things together with refugees here, but still haven’t realized any of those projects. But we feel like we have new energy, strength, and dedication now.
It is nearly March and in less than 5 months we’ll have graduated and jumped into all the possibilities of our future. All the doors are open to us now and we are sure that we’ll always keep one of those doors open to work and help people more in need than ourselves. Therefore it is safe to say that there might be a trip and ultimately our book with our experiences over the past year in planning. It is and so are we: A Work in Progress.
We hope that you, dear readers, are still going to be a part of this work in progress, also in the future.

Much love,



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