Work in Progress

Dear readers It has been quite a while since we have last posted something on this blog. We have now, some months ago, finished up our final work for school which this blog initially was about. Since then a lot of things have happened. In November we have been awarded the third place at 2016’s … More Work in Progress

Killing Terrorism

A statement so strong nothing can be added to make it stronger, really. It just proves, to some extent, that the work that we are doing is somewhat useful. It might be a drop in the ocean only. And we might not (yet) be teaching people about topics like refugees, war, human rights and equality. But … More Killing Terrorism

“There is always a Way” – Starting with Human Communication

“There is always a way. You search a way for your goal by thinking and talking to other people. A journey always starts with a small step. Successful people were not just lucky people, they were cerebrating.” – Ezmari Nabizada An astonishing statement since it has been made by somebody who left his family and home as … More “There is always a Way” – Starting with Human Communication

4 Months of Humanity, Creativity and Commitment

This evening’s blog post is going to be the last one we are officially writing for our matriculation project. We have been writing this blog for already four months now. During those four months we were made the possibility to meet many different people. We were in Athens, have played and laughed with refugee children, … More 4 Months of Humanity, Creativity and Commitment